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Manila Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

When you arrive at Manila International Airport, please remember to collect your entire luggage before going through the customs and passport controls.

Once you have arrived landside and you want to transfer to your destination by taxi there are a variety of different options to choose from.

Manila International Airport is serviced by three types of taxis: Coupon Taxis, regular taxis and Yellow-metered Airport Taxis.

The taxi ranks are located outside the departures area of each of the terminals.

Coupon Taxis

The Coupon Taxis are blue and yellow cars and they charge a specific fare based on the distance between the airport and the area of your destination.

They are called Coupon Taxis because the first thing you have to do to take one is to receive a coupon which marks the fare to pay at the dispatch station located in the terminal of your arrival. The coupon is handed to the driver after you have reached your destination and not before. This is very important.

This option is the most expensive of the taxi options, but it is a safe option and the best for travelling in groups or with large luggage as you can ask for a large taxi for up to eight passengers at no additional charge.


The fares vary depending on which area you are travelling to as listed below.

Area 1 – 400 PHP

The area includes Adriatico Hotel, Central Bank, Folk Arts Theater, Harrison Plaza and more.

Area 2 – 530 PHP

The area includes Ermita, Intramuros, Lawton, Manila City Hall, Manila Hotel, Pier South and more.

Area 3 – 600 PHP

The area includes Birondo, Customs, Divisoria, Fort Santiago, Mesa, North Harbor, Sta. Cruz, Tutaban, Quiapo and more.

Area 4 – 720 PHP

The area includes Gagalangin (Tondo), North Chinese Cemetery and Sampaloc.

Regular Taxis

The regular taxis are the taxis servicing Metro Manila and they run on fixed rates. The fare for a ride from MNL to Metro Manila is around 180-250 PHP.

Yellow-metered Airport Taxis

These taxis are yellow as the name suggests and the fare is metered which means the fare will vary depending on the distance and also the time it takes to reach your destination. They are the only metered taxis allowed on the airport’s premises servicing arriving travellers which also means they are around 50% more expensive than the price of the regular taxis.

Since these are metered taxis the meter should be turned on as you enter the taxi and you are advised to board another taxi in the case of the driver refusing to do so as well as reporting it to the airport authorities if it possible for you to do so.

The fares tend to be around 300-450 PHP between the airport and central Manila.