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Manila International Airport Transfers

When you arrive at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, please remember to collect your entire luggage from the baggage claim area before heading towards customs control.

Once you have cleared customs you want to transfer you and your luggage, and your company, from the airport to your destination.


One of the most common ways of travelling in the Philippines is by jeepney, a vehicle unique to the country, but they are not recommended for those travelling with large luggage or have a need for space or security, as they are often overcrowded. There are however four different jeepneys servicing the airport for anyone who wants to transfer this way. Tickets are bought from the driver.


Another common way of travelling for the Filipinos is by bus and there are several different bus lines servicing Manila airport and Metro Manila. The buses are also mostly used by the locals and are not recommended for those with large luggage, except for Route 2 for those transferring to the LRT station in Baclaran.

The UBE shuttle bus services the airport and hotels in Metro Manila with a fee based on the area you are transferring to or from.

There is a free airport shuttle service to transfer between terminals, both on airside and landside.


The Light Rail Transit System does not stop directly at NAIA but at the closest LRT station, Baclaran, approximately 10 minutes away. Use city bus route 2, a jeepney or a taxi to move in between.


There are three different types of taxis servicing Manila airport, Coupon Taxi, Regular taxi and Yellow-metered taxi. They are found outside the departure areas of all the terminals.

Coupon taxis are the most expensive, but have a fixed fare which is stated on the coupon you get at the dispatch counter in the terminal of your arrival. The coupon should be in your belongings until you reach your destination.

The regular taxis are the normal taxis servicing central Manila and they have a fixed rate depending on the distance. This is the cheapest taxi option.

The Yellow-metered taxis are around 50% more expensive than the regular taxi since they are metered and traffic affects the time of transfer.

A ride from the airport to Manila city center can be anything from 20 minutes to an hour more depending on the traffic that is known to be somewhat chaotic.