Manila Airport Departures (MNL)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK337 (1) 03:25 03:34 En-Route
Dubai (DXB) FlyDubai FZ6337 03:25 03:34 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) Philippine Airlines PR1841 (1) 03:30 04:01 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) Singapore Airlines SQ5085 03:30 04:01 En-Route
Davao City (DVO) Philippine Airlines PR1809 03:30 03:40 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) AirAsia Z2775 03:35 04:09 En-Route
Changsha (CSX) YTO Cargo Airlines YG9026 03:40 Unknown
Cagayan de Oro (CGY) Cebu Pacific 5J381 03:40 03:56 En-Route
Taipei (TPE) EVA Air BR262 03:40 03:57 En-Route
Puerto Princesa City (PPS) Cebu Pacific 5J633 03:45 03:51 En-Route
Denpasar (DPS) Cebu Pacific 5J279 03:45 04:12 En-Route
Cagayan de Oro (CGY) AirAsia Z2689 03:50 04:04 En-Route
Legazpi (DRP) Cebu Pacific DG6193 03:55 04:11 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) Cebu Pacific 5J563 03:55 04:19 En-Route
Iloilo (ILO) Cebu Pacific 5J451 04:00 04:08 En-Route
Iloilo (ILO) AirAsia Z2306 04:00 03:47 En-Route
Hong Kong (HKG) Sinotrans RH352 04:00 04:17 En-Route
General Santos (GES) Cebu Pacific 5J997 04:05 04:31 En-Route
Cagayan de Oro (CGY) Philippine Airlines PR2519 (1) 04:05 04:26 En-Route
Cagayan de Oro (CGY) Malaysia Airlines MH5917 04:05 04:26 En-Route
Bacolod City (BCD) Philippine Airlines PR2129 (1) 04:10 04:29 En-Route
Bacolod City (BCD) All Nippon Airways NH5251 04:10 04:29 En-Route
Laoag City (LAO) Cebu Pacific 5J404 04:10 04:28 En-Route
Tacloban (TAC) Cebu Pacific 5J649 04:15 04:25 En-Route
Puerto Princesa City (PPS) AirAsia Z2426 04:15 04:15 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) Philippine Airlines PR2835 (3) 04:20 04:37 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) All Nippon Airways NH5259 04:20 04:37 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) China Airlines CI8919 04:20 04:37 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) Turkish Airlines TK4635 04:20 04:37 En-Route
Bacolod City (BCD) AirAsia Z2603 04:25 04:06 En-Route
Butuan (BXU) Cebu Pacific 5J785 04:25 04:34 En-Route
Iloilo (ILO) Philippine Airlines PR2139 (1) 04:30 04:20 En-Route
Iloilo (ILO) China Airlines CI8939 04:30 04:20 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) Philippine Airlines PR1843 04:30 04:41 En-Route
Davao City (DVO) AirAsia Z2611 04:35 04:49 En-Route
Cebu (CEB) Cebu Pacific 5J551 04:35 Scheduled
Roxas City (RXS) Philippine Airlines PR2203 (1) 04:35 04:45 En-Route
Roxas City (RXS) Singapore Airlines SQ5071 04:35 04:45 En-Route
Butuan (BXU) Philippine Airlines PR2967 (1) 04:40 04:58 En-Route
Butuan (BXU) Singapore Airlines SQ5103 04:40 04:58 En-Route
Puerto Princesa City (PPS) Cebu Pacific 5J635 04:40 04:52 En-Route
Tacloban (TAC) Philippine Airlines PR2981 (1) 04:45 04:47 En-Route
Tacloban (TAC) All Nippon Airways NH5277 04:45 04:47 En-Route
Tokyo (NRT) AirAsia Z2190 04:45 05:35 En-Route
Ozamiz (OZC) Philippine Airlines PR2889 (1) 04:50 05:23 En-Route
Ozamiz (OZC) Singapore Airlines SQ5093 04:50 05:23 En-Route
Bacolod City (BCD) Cebu Pacific 5J473 04:50 05:06 En-Route
Shanghai (PVG) China Eastern Airlines MU7212 04:55 Unknown
Legazpi (DRP) Philippine Airlines PR2921 (1) 04:55 05:02 En-Route
Legazpi (DRP) Singapore Airlines SQ5097 04:55 05:02 En-Route
Shanghai (PVG) China Eastern Airlines MU212 04:55 04:56 En-Route
Panglao (TAG) Cebu Pacific 5J619 04:55 05:09 En-Route
Hanoi (HAN) Cebu Pacific 5J744 05:05 05:20 En-Route
Zamboanga (ZAM) Philippine Airlines PR2949 (1) 05:05 05:08 En-Route
Zamboanga (ZAM) Singapore Airlines SQ5101 05:05 05:08 En-Route
Del Carmin (IAO) Cebu Pacific DG6841 05:10 05:43 En-Route
Puerto Princesa City (PPS) Philippine Airlines PR2781 (1) 05:10 05:15 En-Route
Puerto Princesa City (PPS) Malaysia Airlines MH5997 05:10 05:15 En-Route
El Nido (ENI) AirSWIFT T6106 05:15 05:24 En-Route
Dipolog (DPL) Philippine Airlines PR2557 05:15 05:18 En-Route
Kalibo (KLO) Philippine Airlines PR2969 (1) 05:20 05:29 En-Route
Kalibo (KLO) Malaysia Airlines MH5995 05:20 05:29 En-Route
Singapore (SIN) Cebu Pacific 5J813 05:25 Scheduled
Legazpi (DRP) Cebu Pacific 5J321 05:25 05:33 En-Route
Iloilo (ILO) Cebu Pacific 5J447 05:30 05:44 En-Route
Tacloban (TAC) Cebu Pacific 5J2901 05:35 05:36 En-Route
Masbate (MBT) Cebu Pacific DG6177 05:35 05:49 En-Route
Hong Kong (HKG) Cebu Pacific 5J272 05:40 Scheduled
Caticlan (MPH) Cebu Pacific 5J893 05:40 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific CX976 (1) 05:45 06:00 En-Route
Hong Kong (HKG) Air Canada AC9774 05:45 06:00 En-Route
Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK265 05:45 Scheduled
Roxas City (RXS) Cebu Pacific 5J373 05:55 Scheduled
Cebu (CEB) AirAsia Z2763 05:55 Scheduled
Tacloban (TAC) AirAsia Z2322 06:00 Scheduled
Tokyo (NRT) Cebu Pacific 5J5054 06:00 Scheduled
General Santos (GES) Philippine Airlines PR453 (1) 06:05 Scheduled
General Santos (GES) Malaysia Airlines MH5955 06:05 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Scoot TR397 (1) 06:05 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ8637 06:05 Scheduled
Davao City (DVO) Cebu Pacific 5J961 06:10 Scheduled
Roxas City (RXS) Philippines AirAsia Z2343 06:10 Scheduled
Caticlan (MPH) Royalair Philippines RW107 06:15 Scheduled
Cebu (CEB) Cebu Pacific 5J567 06:15 Scheduled
Basco (BSO) Philippine Airlines PR2932 (1) 06:15 Scheduled
Basco (BSO) Singapore Airlines SQ5100 06:15 Scheduled
Beijing (PEK) Air China CA180 06:20 Scheduled
Virac (VRC) Cebu Pacific 5J821 06:20 Scheduled
Nagoya (NGO) Philippine Airlines PR438 (1) 06:25 Scheduled
Nagoya (NGO) All Nippon Airways NH5326 06:25 Scheduled
San Jose (SJI) Cebgo DG6031 06:25 Scheduled
Catarman (CRM) Philippine Airlines PR2079 06:25 Scheduled
Taipei (TPE) Philippine Airlines PR890 (1) 06:30 Scheduled
Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI9806 06:30 Scheduled
El Nido (ENI) AirSWIFT T6110 06:30 Scheduled
Davao City (DVO) Philippine Airlines PR2811 (2) 06:30 Scheduled
Davao City (DVO) China Airlines CI8901 06:30 Scheduled
Davao City (DVO) Malaysia Airlines MH5925 06:30 Scheduled
Caticlan (MPH) AirAsia Z2219 06:35 Scheduled
Cebu (CEB) Cebu Pacific 5J561 06:35 Scheduled
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Philippine Airlines PR591 (1) 06:40 Scheduled
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Vietnam Airlines VN3941 06:40 Scheduled
Panglao (TAG) AirAsia Z2350 06:45 Scheduled
Zamboanga (ZAM) Cebu Pacific 5J851 06:45 Scheduled
Tuguegarao (TUG) Cebu Pacific 5J504 06:50 Scheduled
San Jose de Buenavista (EUQ) Philippine Airlines PR2905 06:50 Scheduled
El Nido (ENI) AirSWIFT T6114 06:55 Scheduled
Osaka (KIX) Jetstar 3K763 06:55 07:28 En-Route
Seoul (ICN) AirAsia Z2884 06:55 Scheduled
Caticlan (MPH) Cebu Pacific 5J891 07:00 07:33 En-Route
Beijing (PEK) Philippine Airlines PR358 07:00 07:54 En-Route
Tablas (TBH) AirSWIFT T6710 07:00 07:31 En-Route
Taipei (TPE) Cebu Pacific 5J312 07:05 07:50 En-Route
Cagayan de Oro (CGY) Cebu Pacific 5J395 07:05 08:33 En-Route
Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ915 (2) 07:10 07:45 En-Route
Singapore (SIN) Air New Zealand NZ3439 07:10 07:45 En-Route
Singapore (SIN) Philippine Airlines PR3851 07:10 07:45 En-Route
Muscat (MCT) Oman Air WY844 07:15 07:35 En-Route
Tokyo (NRT) Philippine Airlines PR428 (2) 07:15 07:59 En-Route
Tokyo (NRT) All Nippon Airways NH5338 07:15 07:59 En-Route
Tokyo (NRT) American Airlines AA8336 07:15 07:59 En-Route
Hong Kong (HKG) Cebu Pacific 5J110 07:20 08:24 En-Route
Nagoya (NGO) Cebu Pacific 5J5038 07:20 08:30 En-Route

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Flight Departures at Manila Airport

When you are departing from Manila Airport, you will do so from one of the four passenger terminals. Which one depends on whether you are flying domestically or internationally, and what your destination is.

If you arrive by public transport to a different terminal than your departure terminal you may want to either use the airport shuttle system or take a taxi to your terminal.

Terminal 1, also known as Ninoy Aquino Terminal, operates several different international carriers, but not all, including Philippine Airlines. It is divided into following levels:

Arrivals Level – You will find the arrivals hall, customs control, immigration control and the baggage claim area on this level as well as Lost & Found, transfer points, medical facilities and transfer options in the transport lounge.

Departures Level – This is where you will find the check-in desks and the security control before you may enter the boarding area. Some of the services available here are banking and food and drink courts as well as VIP Lounges and the gates. Gates 1-7 are located on the west side and Gates 9-15 on the east side.

Some of the facilities available in the terminal are ATMs, currency exchange and banking, day rooms, prayer rooms, post office, pharmacy, children’s area, baby care facilities and smoking area.

Terminal 2, also known as the Centennial Terminal, operates both domestic and international flights by the national flag carrier Philippine Airlines only. The terminal is shaped like a V. It is divided into these levels:

Ground Level – This is the Arrivals Level where you find the baggage claim area, customs, various places to eat and drink, the information desk, Lost & Found as well as access to transfer options such as bus, taxi or car rentals.

Second Level – This is the Departures Level and where you find the Check-in desks, the security control and the boarding areas as well as restrooms, food and drink options, help desks and the 14 Gates (Gates 2-15).

Some of the facilities available in the terminal are shops, ATMs, banks and currency exchange services, post office, medical clinics, prayer rooms and smoking areas as well as a VIP Lounge.

Terminal 3 – is both the largest and the newest terminal at the airport and it serves international flights of several airlines and it is expected that more international flights will be transferred here from Terminal 1 in the future. It is connected to Newport City Mall by a footbridge.

It is divided into 4 floors as follows:

Ground Floor – The Arrivals Level housing passport control, baggage claim area and customs, transfer transit facilities, ATMs, restrooms and ground transportation transfer options.

Second Floor – This is where we find immigration as well as the security control, and some restrooms.

Third Floor – The Departures Level with the check-in desks and the boarding areas with Gates 118-120 and 131-134 as well as options for food and drink, a smoking area and restrooms.

Fourth Level – The Mezzanine Level is a commercial area with shops, food and beverages, VIP lounges and more.

Some of the other facilities available in the terminal are a children’s area, luggage storage, medical services, prayer rooms, ATMs, banks and currency exchange, a smoking area, duty free stores and more.

Terminal 4, also known as the Manila Domestic Passenger Terminal, hosts the operations of domestic carriers such as Philippine Air Asia, AirSWIT and Cebgo servicing both domestic and regional flights.

The terminal is one single level with the Check-in desks on the west side while the Arrivals, the baggage claim area and also the waiting area are located in the center.

Services available at the terminal are restaurants, medical facilities, shops and restrooms and more.


Free WiFi is available throughout all the terminals in 30 minute sessions. There is no limit on how many times you can connect so you may simply reconnect again once your session ends.


Parking – all terminals have their individual parking lots or garages, all with the same fee. See more about parking at Manila airport.

The address of Manila Airport is:

Ninoy Aquino International Airport
1300 Metro Manila

Car Rentals – all terminals except for Terminal 4 have car rental desks from several companies within the terminal. It is advised to book your preferred vehicle in advance.

Bus – Several lines of the city bus services run to and from Manila airport, but is mostly used by locals. There is also the UBE shuttle between the airport and many of the hotels in Metro Manila, which is a recommended option. Jeepneys service Pasay and Parañque, but is not recommended for tourists with large luggage as they are often overcrowded and are mostly used by locals.

Taxi – Choose one of the three types of taxi available at Manila airport.

Train – The closest Light Rail Transit System to Manila airport is 10 minutes away and is called Baclaran. From here you may take City bus route 2, a taxi or a jeepney to the airport. The taxi will take you to the terminal of your departure, while the bus will take you to Terminal 3.

Airport Shuttle

The free airport shuttle transports travelers between the terminals.

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Manila Airport Shatters Passenger Traffic Records in Q3 2023, Soaring 31.51% Above Pre-Pandemic Levels